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Supply Management
Pole/Zero Corporation designs and manufactures a complete line of tunable filter products that are ideal for solving a variety of RF filter requirements. Our approach to business has made us one of the fastest growing companies in our field. At Pole/Zero, we know that our success in the marketplace is tied directly to our ability to design and manufacture quality products. Our goal is to set the standard for quality in the markets we serve.

To achieve this goal, we need the full cooperation and participation of the organizations that supply us with materials, components, assemblies and production-related services. We look to these selected suppliers for technological leadership in design, manufacturability, and continuous improvement. Our official Quality Policy stated following, underscores this point. We are committed to providing defect-free products and services to our customers. Because we work in cooperation with our suppliers, we expect them to adopt a commitment toward quality and customer service that is similar to our own.

The following downloadable documents are provided to our suppliers in an effort to define the Procurement and Quality requirements necessary to ensure a successful partnership between Pole/Zero Corporation and our suppliers.

Supplier Policy Manual

The Supplier Policy Manual documents the required quality standards for products and services purchased from suppliers, and outlines Pole/Zero’s overall expectations. 

        First Article Expectations are defined here for Pole/Zero suppliers.  Below are links to helpful resources; including a First Article Checklist and the required AS9100 First Article submittal form.

First Article Checklist

AS 9100 First Article Form

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct documents the expectations of Pole/Zero(Dover) suppliers to perform their jobs honestly, diligently and with integrity, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Procurement Provisions

The Procurement Provisions document specifies all flow down requirements. All requirements stated in the purchasing agreement with Pole/Zero shall be flowed down to all the suppliers’ sub-tier suppliers, including any key characteristics that have been identified. The provisions provided in this document with their terms and conditions become an integral part of the purchase order and become a supplement to the presently existing terms and conditions of the purchase order, available here: Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Confidentiality Agreement

Completion and return of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form to Pole/Zero establishes a confidentiality agreement between Pole/Zero and the recipient for confidential and proprietary information shared between the two parties.

Bank References

References will be provided upon request.

Supplier Size & Classification Certification

In order to enter your company into our supplier database, Pole/Zero needs to verify each supplier's business size and classification. We ask your cooperation by completing and returning form PUR-032-F, "Supplier Size and Classification Certification/Recertification" to Pole/Zero as promptly as possible to ensure unnecessary delays in future business transactions.

Supplier Quality System Survey

PoleZero is dedicated to providing defect-free products on time to internal and external customers. Customer satisfaction, quality, and continuous improvement are the personal responsibility of each employee. To that end, the quality of purchased and subcontracted supplies, materials and services must fully support our goals. It is the intent of Pole/Zero to buy only from those suppliers who exhibit a high degree of internal control of their manufacturing processes and who have implemented an adequate quality management system. This survey will help PoleZero determine the effectiveness of your systems and will be used as a basis for a preliminary evaluation of your facility.