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Integrated Cosite Equipment
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The Mega-Pole series is a versatile Post Power Amplifier filter with extremely low insertion loss.  This is an ideal solution for mild to moderate interference mitigation and spectral purification.  The Mega-Pole is easy to integrate with common radio interface capability and unconditioned 28V power input.
Canceller Series
The Canceller series offers a great solution for strong signal desensitization of your receiver.  As a referenceless canceler this line can offer protection from internally or externally induced interference.
 Thumbnail of ICE1006  ICE 1000 Series
The ICE 1000 series provides broad frequency coverage in a small package.  These units include a minimum amount of filtering in a light weight design and are ideal for basic interference environments where basic preselection and broadband noise reduction is required.
ICE 2000 Series
The ICE 2000 series is smaller, lighter weight integrated cosite equipment.  These units are ideal for moderate interference environments where weight is paramount.  
ICE 3000 Series
The ICE 3000 series contains our largest collection of interference mitigation equipment.  They are great all around units with integrated radio interfaces, self contained power generation and significant filtering and amplification.  There are several models in this series that have been customized for SATCOM interference mitigation.
ICE 4000 Series
The ICE 4000 series deals with aggressive cosite environments.  Using novel filtering techniques this series can help keep your platform operating with high availability rates while simultaneously using your complete suite of equipment.
ICE 5000 Series
The ICE 5000 series incorporates technology from multiple series to offer interference mitigation in the most severe applications.  When confidence in your communication is required the Pole/Zero ICE 5000 series is your solution.

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