BSC-Cavity-Filter.jpgBSC Brand Filtering Products by MPG York

High performance Microwave and RF filter solutions using Combline, Cavity, Interdigital, Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate and Waveguide technologies. Also available are complex filter solutions including Diplexers, Multiplexers and Switch Filter Banks, often built to customer specifications.

Our unique Ultra Short End Launch Transitions (USELTs) and Neat Adaptor No Connector (NANo) Transitions provide compact, cost-effective solutions for applications requiring a waveguide to coax transition, or a waveguide launch without a co-axial transition.

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  • Suspended Substrate Filters
  • Waveguide Filters

Suspended Substrate Filters

Provide excellent close-in rejection, with outstanding high Q Factor and low insertion loss performance combined in a small, lightweight, and rugged construction. These filters are ideally suited to broadband applications such as Electronic Warfare systems (ECM, ESM, and ELINT).

Waveguide Filters

Often the best option for applications demanding exceptional high Q, low insertion loss, and very high power handling, especially when using our “waffle iron” designs to eliminate unwanted modes.

Dow-Key Microwave® Brand Switching Products by MPG Ventura

Dow-Key Microwave specializes in the design and manufacture of customized, high-performance coaxial switches, waveguide switches, high-reliability (space) switches (including T-switches and switch blocks), as well as switching systems such as RF matrices (electromechanical, solid state, and fiber optics). We also offer system-level rack integration, programmable attenuators, and delay lines. Our products are used internationally by commercial, military, and government customers in a wide range of applications, including space (launch vehicles, manned vehicles, and satellites), telecommunications, automated test equipment (ATE), avionics, ground-based satellite communications, and broadcasting.

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  • Low PIM Switches
  • Custom Solutions
  • Space Qualified Switches
  • Reliant Switches

Custom Solutions

Our experienced engineering team is the best in the industry and will work with you to create the optimal switch solution for your needs.

For more information, please visit the Custom Applications section of the Dow-Key Microwave web site.

Dow-Key Space Qualified

Space Qualified Switches

Used for both manned and unmanned space missions, these space qualified coaxial switches, waveguide switches, and switch block assemblies are of the highest grade and made with absolute precision. Dow-Key space qualified switches vary by number of inputs, size, frequency, actuator type, and power grade. These high-quality devices are built to last and have an in-flight free record from over 100 different space programs.

For more information, please visit the Space Solutions and Space Qualified Switches product search portions of the Dow-Key Microwave web site.

Reliant Switches

The Reliant Switch™ is a 1×6 bidirectional coaxial switch with an operating frequency from DC to 26.5 GHz, which covers the typical 6 GHz test range and beyond for high-speed testing. This switch is designed with a high isolation of 100 dB (up to 4 GHz) to maintain RF consistency between port-to-port testing and can sustain a guaranteed insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across the entire frequency band.

For more information, please visit the Reliant Switch news item on the Dow-Key Microwave web site.

K&L Microwave® Brand Filtering Products by MPG Salisbury

As one of the largest suppliers of microwave and RF filters, our experts have a full range of design options at their fingertips, including ceramic, combline, cavity, interdigital, lumped element, suspended substrate, tunable, and waveguide technologies. We also offer duplexers, multiplexers, switch filter banks, and integrated assemblies incorporating amplifiers, tunable multicouplers, up/down-converters, and more designed for customer-specific applications.

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  • Low PIM Filters
  • Space Filters
  • Filter Wizard®

Low PIM Filters

The best filtering solutions for complex RF emission monitoring for base stations and RF chipsets. Our Low PIM filters separate IM products from carriers operating at full power, protect devices from energy bounce-back, and enable Tx/Rx measurement and interferer testing. Combine with Dow-Key Low PIM Switches for test set solutions.

Space Filters

We have a proud history of supplying high reliability filters to many space programs, supported by in-house testing capabilities.

Filter Wizard

Filter Wizard®

The industry standard web-based filter selection tool that identifies the range of possible solutions for a given specification.