The widest range of RF and microwave filters, featuring:

Lumped element, cavity (combline and interdigital), waveguide, suspended substrate, dielectric resonator, tubular, and hybrid realizations. 

Tunable and frequency-agile products. 

Duplexers, diplexers, and multi-couplers. 

All-pole and elliptic/pole-placed responses.


High performance, low insertion loss switches for RF and microwave signal routing, including:

  • coaxial,
  • waveguide,
  • Hi-reliability, and
  • space-qualified products.

PIN Diode switches are also featured.


Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE) for eliminating interference in military communications systems.

Switched filter banks and multi-function assemblies.

Integrated switching systems for high density signal routing requirements.

Test rack assemblies for verifying performance of OEM equipment.

RF switch matrices and custom, system-level integrated solutions for complex signal routing.

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